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The reason why you have to choose Crypto Stalkers as a service partner and also a quality service.

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Our Statistics shows that how many people trust us and choose us as their project promotions.

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We believe in the power of our comunity.As a result we value all our members. You can as well join us. feel free to contact with us.

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Crypto Stalkers Provides a wide range of quality services that are given here.

Hosting AMA Sessions
Twitter & Telegram Pin Post
Community Modration
Airdrops & Giveaway Promotion
Discord & TG Moderators
Reddit Promotion
Youtube Promotions
Crypto Website Development
Marketing Manager
Tiktok Promotion

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Meat Our Team Members who are professional and have rich experiences



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Head Of Community

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  • We Will share all of your announcements on our twitter
  • We will use your logo on our all upcoming AMA announcements as our sponsor or partner
  • We will do some shillings of your important events

5K $ monthly

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AMA as known as Ask Me Anything sessions increase awareness of products of projects.

Crypto Stalkers do arrange AMA sessions to introduce various projects with our community and increase the bond between Community & Projects leadership with some juicy Community Rewards.

Telegram promotions are done in a systematic way to cover good audiences. We do pin Project’s informative posts in our telegram community with thousands of viewers who join the project’s telegram and engage there.

Community engagement is the key factor in any project and we’re here to assist serious projects professionally.

Twitter is the hub of Crypto and promotions there are mandatory for projects to boost their progress. Crypto Stalkers have a sufficient amount of followers including investors, influencers, projects who have done AMA sessions with us follows those announcements which we do via Twitter promotions.

Reach out to us because stats and hard work speaks itself

AMA contains three segments
1st segment: 5 questions from Host questions
2nd segment: 5 questions from twitter community
3rd segment: 5 questions from telegram community

We will make announcements of AMA and pin on telegram and also announce on Twitter. People will submit their questions related to project on twitter then we will choose 5 best questions .
In the last segment we will open the group for 2 minutes so that telegram members can ask their questions then guest will pick 5 best questions to give their answers

AMA will help your project to promote in our telegram and Twitter community and investors will know about your project.
Your telegram and Twitter will grow
After AMA we will provide you AMA Recap that you can post on your socials

Shillings means promotions. We have Professional team of 10 shillers who will promote your project in different telegram groups and they will promote on twitter. Besides of this our shillers will also do shillings on discord

Yes, we do AMA of NFT projects and do shillings on twitter and discord. We can grow discord and telegram community of NFT projects.

We have more than one year old account on reddit having more than 19k karma. We can post in crypto moonshots and provide more than 2000 upvotes and make post trending


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